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steirischer herbst 2017 – A review in motion


steirischer herbst celebrates an anniversary!

In 2017, steirischer herbst celebrates its 50th edition. Because of that, there wil be anniversary projects throughout the festival.

The herbst programme book

You would like steirischer herbst's programme in neat book format? Just order it here.

musikprotokoll 2017

Centred on an unconventional ball, musikprotokoll spans a bridge from yesterday into tomorrow with numerous composition premieres.

steirischer herbst mourns Peter Oswald

Peter Oswald, director of steirischer herbst festival from 2000 to 2005, passed away on August 3.
He opened the doors to new worlds of sound for so many people – his passion for art and above all New Music is legendary, allowing him to transcend boundaries and leaving behind momentous events and traces.

The herbst archive is online!

steirischer herbst invites you to browse through its history: the comprehensive online database is now accessible.

"steirischer herbst. Or, Why Europe’s oldest new art festival must take place in Styria of all places"

Georg Friedrich Haas held a celebrated speech during the ceremony "50 years of steirischer herbst" – you can find here.


On 15/10 steirischer herbst 2017, which followed the leitmotif Where Are We Now?, came to an end.

There were 138 projects and 477 events on 24 days of the festival. The number of visitors was 54,076 (excluding projects that took place in public space and in media). More than 1,000 artists, theorists and other participants from a total of 49 nations were involved while the percentage of tickets sold for stage productions and concerts was 93,06%.

Still on show

steirischer herbst 2017 is not quite over yet. While “Diese Wildnis hat Kultur”, the anniversary exhibition at GrazMuseum is still on show until January 8, the two exhibitions at Kunsthaus Graz can be visisted until 2018.

Thank you!

We would like to thank all of steirischer herbst's supporters, partners and sponsors, without whose generous support the festival could not exist in its present form!

steirischer herbst from 2018 on wards

With January 2018 Ekaterina Degot has taken over the leadership of steirischer herbst.

We look forward to giving some insight into the future direction of the festival and its new visual appearance at the beginning of March.

steirischer herbst 2018 will take place from Thursday, 20/09 until Sunday, 14/10.